How can Tokyo create a successful Olympics experience?

 —  Article by JLL Staff Reporter

The 2020 Olympics may seem a long way off but for the next host, Tokyo, redevelopment and construction work is already well underway.

For the Japanese capital, which last hosted the Games in 1964, it’s an opportunity to showcase the best of the megacity to billions of people around the world – and in turn receive a short-term economic and cultural boost.

But it’s not an easy task to deliver both a world class sporting experience for athletes and visitors and a lasting legacy for the city. Already concerns over costs have already caused some delays in planning and building.

Toshinobu Kasai, JLL’s Country Head for Japan, talks about the challenges facing Tokyo as it heads deeper into its preparations and the impact it’s having on the city’s infrastructure and real estate.

It’s an experience London knows well after hosting the 2012 Olympics. JLL’s Katie Kopec, Director of Development Consultancy, who was heavily involved in the planning and delivery of the London Games, explains the thinking behind the 2012 Olympics plans and the lessons Tokyo can draw on for its own Games.

Watch the video to find out more about the key elements to creating a successful Olympics.

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