How do Europe’s football stars stack up against property?

 —  Article by JLL Staff Reporter

As football fans from around the world flock to France for the UEFA Euro 2016 championship, how much are some of the region’s best-known football stars worth compared to real estate values in their home nations?

According to reports, Germany boasts the most valuable squad of any of the 24 teams competing, with a combined value of €538 million, followed by Spain, Belgium, England and France in fifth place.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the region’s highest value player – worth €110 million – and, as individual footballer values continue to soar, the tournaments’ top players often exchange hands for multi-million dollar sums. But how does this compare with European property, which can often trade for millions if not billions of euros?

How many Paul Pogba’s would you need to buy Paris’ Coeur Defense, for example? How much is London’s iconic Gherkin tower worth compared with star midfielder Raheem Sterling?

As the teams battle it out for the European Championship title, find out how the tournaments’ most famous faces compare with well-known buildings in their home nations.

How do Europe's football stars stack up against property?


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