Why warehouses are taking a big step upwards

 —  Article by JLL Staff Reporter

As more consumers expect next-day or even same-day delivery, warehouses can no longer afford to be located miles from the urban centres they’re serving.

However, building in cities can pose a number of distinctive challenges for logistics providers including rapidly expanding populations, the high cost of land and labour, traffic congestion and a highly environment.

As a result, innovative logistics and real estate developments such as multi-level warehouses have a growing role to play in the sector.

While Asia is currently leading the way on multi-storey warehouses, the idea is starting to take hold in other markets. Indeed, Amazon recently agreed to lease the first four-storey distribution centre in the UK – one of only two multi-storey facilities in the country.

Watch the video to hear JLL experts give their views on what multiple level warehouses mean for industrial real estate and how the trend is developing around the world.

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