What’s driving Europe’s real estate industry in 2016?

 —  Article by JLL Staff Reporter

The winds of change are whistling through European real estate as technology drives development in the retail industry and workplace and the macro-economic picture continues to improve.

2016 could be the year that the term ‘omni-channel’ becomes obsolete as shopping – whether online or offline, through clicks or bricks, via multi or omni-channel – simply becomes ‘commerce’, says Tim Vallance, Lead Director – UK Retail and Leisure.

Watch the video to hear about how trends from the U.S. are shaping the UK retail industry and why pureplay retailers are building their physical presence.

Over in the workplace, technology will transform organisations and their real estate in 2016, says Tom Carroll, Director of EMEA Research.

He believes that emerging technology is poised to have a big impact on building design and function, corporate real estate management and even the procurement of workers. Indeed, HR and real estate objectives will increasingly converge in 2016 and access to talent will become an even more important driver of corporate real estate and location strategy.

In the European markets, 2016 is looking to be another year of slow and steady progress in its broad-based recovery from the financial turbulence. Andrew Burrell, Head of Forecasting, discusses the possibility of a rise in interest rates in Europe following the December move by the U.S. Federal Reserve and outlines what the economic outlook in Europe means for real estate.

Watch the video to find out more about some of the emerging trends for Europe in 2016.

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