Making clean air the new normal in Asia

 —  Article by Beelin Ang

Asia Pacific may be a key driver of global growth but the region’s expansion has come at a price.

Power plants, factories and heavy industries have been belching out dirty air at a cost to health and the environment. Despite concerted efforts to shift to renewable energy and cut carbon emissions, air quality remains a concern.

According to a new report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), exposure to poor air quality inside and outside is the world’s fourth threat to human health, following high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking.

Research from JLL and indoor environmental consultancy PureLiving China has also shown that the air quality inside an office building can be as bad as the outdoor air on a heavy polluted day. Many office buildings in China were not achieveing a substantial reduction in PM2.5 – the tiny particulate matter that is harmful to human health.

In this video, JLL’s Matthew Clifford, Head of  Energy and Sustainability in Real Estate (North Asia), gives his views about air quality and how building designs can help to improve indoor air quality.

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