The buildings stacked with personality

 —  Article by JLL Staff Reporter

Jutting out from skylines around the world, a new wave of residential and office buildings are standing out for their eye-catching design.

Comprised of floor plates stacked at striking angles, all can be considered feats of modern architecture that re-imagine how we think about space, structure and style.

From New York to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, view the slideshow to go behind the façade of these unique buildings.

New York building

56 Leonard Street, New York, US

Comprising 145 homes in the Tribeca area of Manhattan, the 57 storey building was conceived as a stack of individual houses. Completed in 2016, 56 Leonard Street features 1,600 square meters (17,000 square feet) of space on the 9th and 10th floors including a fitness center, 25-seater cinema, private dining room and children’s play area.
Photo copyright: Harvey Barrison via Wikimedia Commons

New York building
Bank of Georgia HQ, Tbilisi, Georgia

Built in 1975 on the outskirts of Tbilisi, today’s headquarters of the Bank of Georgia HQ (formerly the Ministry of Highway Construction of the Georgian SSR) is designed to use less ground than conventional structures and allow foliage to grow around and below. At its highest point the constructivist office building reaches 18 storeys and covers 13,500 square meters (145,313 square feet).
Photo copyright: Nicolas de Camaret via Wikimedia Commons

Crystal Laputa, Chengdu, China

Creating a village in its own right, the glass fronted Crystal Laputa features two 30-storey skyscrapers both linked to a 20-storey podium via a series of elevated bridges and walkways. The residential complex was built in 2016 and was designed to appear as a floating neighbourhood beside the lake. It provides residents with a fitness center and spa as well as a fleet of private water taxis.  
Photo copyright: 5+ Design via Wikimedia Commons

Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

An architectural icon from the 1960s, Habitat 67 aimed to re-imagine affordable yet high quality apartment living in high density areas. The building features 354 identical prefabricated concrete cubes stacked on top of one another to create 146 homes linked via pedestrian streets and bridges. Each residence also has access to at least one private outdoor terrace. However, the popularity of the buildings means today they can sell for around CAD $1 million.
Photo copyright: Gaetan via Wikimedia Commons

Halifax Central Library, Halifax, Canada

The design of Halifax Central Library is said to resemble a stack of books. Built in 2014, the five storey library features a cantilever over the entrance plaza and a central atrium criss-crossed with stairs and walkways. In its primary function as a public library, it also houses a café, auditorium and community rooms within its 11,000 square meters (120,000 square feet) of space.
Photo copyright: Owen Byrne via Wikimedia Commons

StatOil offices, Oslo, Norway

Inspired by offshore steel constructions, the Statoil regional and international office building is made of five aluminium-clad modules of equal size stacked together to rise nine stories into the air. Opened in 2012, it was completed in just 20 months and offers views over the nearby fjord. Inside the energy efficient building, the floor space has been designed for maximum flexibility to meet tenants’ changing needs.
Photo copyright: Vidariv via Wikimedia Commons

The Independent, Austin, US

Hailed as the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi, the 58-storey skyscraper is scheduled to be finished in 2018. Featuring an infinity pool, club room, kids playground and dog grooming area on the 9th floor, The Independent will also have a business center along with a theatre and fitness center both cantilevered over the building’s edge.  
Photo copyright: Rhode Partners via Wikimedia Commons

The Interlace, Singapore

Named World Building of the Year in the 2015 World Architecture Festival, The Interlace is made up of 31 apartment blocks comprising more than 1,000 apartments. Each six storey block is part of a hexagonal arrangement around one of eight courtyards. The complex, which was completed in 2013, also features swimming pools, a range of sports facilities and even a karaoke room.
Photo copyright: Jeremy Binard via Wikimedia Commons

Vue 53 Chicago, US

Modern, glass fronted design helps Vue53 appeal to a younger demographic to fill its 267 rental apartments. Featuring an outdoor terrace, fitness facilities and business center on the fourth floor, the 13-storey building also boasts a Target store on the ground floor. Completed in 2016, it’s minutes away from the University of Chicago.
Photo copyright: Tom Harris via Wikimedia Commons

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