The rise of Asia Pacific’s dynamic cities

 —  Article by Beelin Ang

The current cycle of globalization, urbanization and technological advancement is shaking up the established hierarchy of our cities and creating sweeping changes to the geography of commercial real estate opportunity.

In this new era of city competition, success is no longer purely about size or inherited attributes, but revolves around innovation, liveability and a city’s ability to transform and adapt to a constantly changing socio-economic landscape.

In the last decade, cities in Asia, a region with diverse cultures, language and governance, have evolved and have seen rapid changes and developments. As more people move to Asia’s flourishing cities, urbanization is one key trend that has transformed the real estate sector.

Real Views looks at how key cities in the region have progressed, based on JLL’ s City Momentum Index, and how the most dynamic urban economies are adapting rapidly to changes in technology and infrastructure.


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